Medina Real Estate
Getting Prepared for a Home Open…
  •  Tidy gardens, walk ways, edge & mow lawns to the front and rear of the property
  •  Ensure the entry area to the property is clear of items
  •  Turn on lights and lamps throughout
  •  Have all blinds open or closed the same in each room
  •  In bedroom areas – please make beds & have the floor clear
  •  Living areas – please ensure they are clear for prospective clients to walk through
  •  Kitchen areas – please clear all dishes & have benches clear. If you have a range hood light please turn this on
  •  Bathroom / laundry areas should be clutter free & as clean as possible
  •  Back yard areas should be clear of loose items, alfresco areas to be clutter free
  •  Garage areas to be clutter free
  •  If you have a pool please have this as clean & clear as possible
  •  Any loose tech items of value to be put away
  •  Any loose jewellery items / items of value to be put away
The above tips are suggestions and are designed to make your property appear as inviting as possible to prospective purchasers. When it comes to showing a property we would say, “less is more”…
If you have any questions in regards to getting ready for a Home Open please do not hesitate to contact us directly.!