Medina Real Estate
Services We Provide
As your dedicated & Exclusive Property Managers, we offer 7 days a week service & will see to all of your property requirements.
 We provide you with our mobile contact details enabling contact at any time
 Your property will be actively advertised on all the following major real estate websites to offer maximum exposure of your investment to potential tenants.
Full Application Review & Tenancy Database checks are done prior to presenting an application to you. The final decision is yours! We will personally discuss with you all applications that have passed the Gem Property Sales & Managements required criteria.
 A full Property Condition Report is compiled on your property to be provided at the lease sign up stage to comply with the gazetted amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act of 1987.
 A full Lease Sign up and Bond Lodgement are completed in office with your new tenant to ensure they are made fully aware of their contractual obligations for the duration of their tenancy. All legislative forms are used to comply with the Residential Tenancies Act.
 Your tenants bond will then be lodged with the Bond Administration of Western Australia until they vacate the property.
 Once your tenancy is underway we will effectively monitor all rental payments to ensure the tenants are meeting their obligations. You will be provided with a month end statement showing an itemised account of those months’ transactions. Tenants are provided with direct deposit details for their rental payments.
 Your first Routine Inspection is conducted at the 6 week mark of any new tenancy; and then every three months following. We provide you with a full digital report including date stamped colour photos giving you an ongoing insight to the upkeep of your property.
 You will be advised of any maintenance requirements due at the property and they will be acted upon according to the new legislative guidelines set by Department of Commerce.
 We employ qualified contractors with registered ABN numbers & appropriate Insurance Cover.
 Water Consumption at the property can be paid for and invoiced to the tenant on your behalf – please note that with the authority to collect these accounts in your name we will pay these on your behalf first to ensure that your credit rating is kept at its optimum level.
 Did you know that you can authorise Gem Property to collect and pay all accounts pertaining to your property including all rates, insurances, water, strata levies, etc included in your management fee!
 Annual Summary Statements are issued at the end of financial year and will include a detailed account of all transactions that occurred within that financial year – makes tax time a breeze.
 Electronic Banking Services; we transfer all owner payouts directly to your nominated bank account. Your payments will be issued on the last business day of each month.
Final Inspections; tenants are now required to provide the office with 30 days’ notice to vacate a property on a fixed lease agreement… did you know as an owner you need to do the same to end a tenancy? We will look after all the vacating processes to ensure a smooth transition between tenants. Your outgoing tenant will be made aware of all responsibilities and duties according to the legislative requirements.
 Want a copy… you will be provided with a copy of all documentation relating to your property for your personal records.