Medina Real Estate
Do you personally manage my property?
Absolutely! Rachael Francis is the owner, operator & licensee of the business. She has a Business Manager & an Administrative Assistant to ensure my clients are given the very best customer service.
 How can you demonstrate your knowledge of the current rental market in my area?
The market in general has dropped a little within the last 6 months (I was previously the senior property manager in the Cockburn/Kwinana area for the last 9 years with a franchise agency managing a portfolio of 175 properties – prior to consultation work & opening my own office). I have been involved directly with all the ups & downs of the market specifically in your area during that time – and know it very well.
How many properties do you currently manage?
We are a small boutique agency, operated by Rachael Francis alongside an amazing team including a Senior Property Manager & Administrative Manager, Sales Executives & Administration/Property Consultant.
We currently have manage no more than 100 rental properties per manager that the licensee personally oversees from start to the finish of tenancies. We intend to remain boutique enabling us to continue to provide that personal service that we strive to achieve on a daily basis.
Gem Property Sales & Management was not created for the money (unlike most) it was opened purely to make a difference in the industry & to keep the one on one personal service which we found was lost when too many properties are being managed by one office – you simply become a number and we like to personally know the people that we affiliate with.
 Do you charge and enforce late fees should a tenant be in arrears?
No, There are no late penalty fees allowed to be charged because of the introduction of the revised legislation to the Residential Tenancies Act which took effect 1st July 2013. My group of properties & tenants is so small that nothing falls through the gaps – however should a tenant fall behind in rent a form 1B termination notice for non payment of rent will be issued the next day (after a personal phone call is made). There is a zero tolerance for late payments.
 How often would rental income be paid into my account?
We pay all owners on the last working day of each month to your nominated bank account.
 What happens if my property needs urgent maintenance?
Depending on the urgency – if it is electrical/plumbing or gas we will arrange the contractor to attend immediately if it is life threatening & either an email or a phone call will be made to you directly after. If it’s non urgent maintenance, you are contacted prior to any contractor being issued.
 Will I get a copy of the property condition report?
Definitely! Both yourself & your tenant will receive a copy.
 How often are rental inspections conducted?
The first rent inspection is conducted 6 weeks after the commencement of a new tenancy. Subsequent inspections are carried out quarterly. You & your tenant are given copies of the routine inspection reports.
 What can you do that another property manager can’t?
We are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week via mobile, we provide that one on one direct service that is lacking within this industry & not only are you getting a property manager, you are also dealing directly with the owner/licensee.
Do you have a question? Please feel free to give our team a call!